4 Tips to Consider When Buying a TV Wall Mount

Gone are the days of bulky TV sets and space draining. But as the technology is advancing day by day, the global shift to flat screen TVs mounted on walls have been on the rise. Wall mount TVs look flat and seamless into the style and design of your space. There are many factors to consider when buying a TV wall mounts at Primecables.ca for your home. Here are a few.

  1. Check if your walls are able to support TV wall mounts

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Ascertain the capacity of your walls to hold the wall mount by using a stud finder. There should be at least one stud to mount a TV to the wall. Drywall anchors are perfect for hanging the artwork where studs are absent but this is not ideal for a heavy TV set. The weight of the wall mount and TV will pull off the drywall anchors out and crash everything. If there is not enough stud support, then reconsider the wall mount TV location.

  1. If you have a fireplace

Don’t mount your TV above the fireplace. If you really want, call up a professional for the same. We recommend you to test the radiant heat of the area. Hold your hand around the area where your TV will be mounted. If the area is hotter, then don’t mount your TV in that area this is because it will decrease the lifespan of your TV.

  1. Is there enough space for other components?

Install shelves so that you can fit your devices. They can take many forms in order to conform to the style of your room. Install contemporary floating shelves, mid century credenzas or industrial galvanized shelves. You can also install an entertainment center or a bookshelf beneath the wall mounted TV to the house devices. Then drill any kind of holes in the backs of these pieces in order to thread the cords to become somewhat invisible.

  1. Make the ports accessible

If the TV has ports of the TV’s back then buying a wall mount that telescopes externally and not towards the mounting wall. This lets you to move the TV away from the wall, plug in or unplug what you need and then push the TV back towards the wall. You can also buy a wall mount that doesn’t move outward means you will have to unmount your TV everything if you want to access the ports.

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