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Mobile app development has truly made an enormous impact on the way in which the world gets things done. Ever since the golden age of computers making the transition from being large business machines to personal computers, applications have also evolved from being made for experts to being accessible and usable by everyday people.

One could argue that every application is a mobile app, because ever since the adoption of the laptop computer, programs and apps have been mobile. Mobile app development in modern times has become more of a term used to refer to those programs which run on devices small enough to fit in your pocket, or even on a strap on your wrist. And, in this day and age, more emphasis has been placed on the development of the mobile app than ever before.

In current times, compact mobile devices contain computer hardware that is magnitudes more powerful than what was available in a large, desktop computer just a couple of decades ago. For this reason, they are able to run more complex programs than ever before and have spurred somewhat of a boom in mobile app development.

Never before has the demand for programmers and developers been higher, as companies and enterprises of all sizes have sought to grab a slice of the mobile app pie. As consumer needs and tastes have rapidly changed, so too have the requirements for businesses to maintain a competitive edge in our current, mobile app development driven environment.

If you look at an analysis of business spending trends, you will see that almost every major corporation, among almost every industry has spent more and more money on mobile app development than ever before. The desire for businesses to be as accessible as ever to their customers, as well as the need to increase efficiency and be able to access their employees easily, has spurred the evolution from fixed points of communication to mobile ones.

I have noticed that even industries that wouldn’t normally be associated with mobile apps from an internal perspective have become increasingly dependent on this type of technology. Retail is a prime example where customers are able to communicate with their preferred salespeople directly, and retail salespeople have mobile tools to track customer metrics, as well as their own performance, all thanks to the progression of mobile app development and adoption. The tech world and the real world have merged at a rapid pace, and we are still barely at the forefront of this revolution.

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