First Things to Do After Buying an iPhone

If you just got a new iPhone, and unlock iPhone 7, your newly bought device; you need to set up the device, and this at times can be overwhelming. To set up the device, you need to start from the basics. 

Create an Apple ID

This is the initial thing you need to do. Apple ID lets you download or purchase apps from App Store, buy movies, music at iTunes, subscribe to Apple music and so on.

Install iTunes

Once you’ve purchased Apple device, you need to install the iTunes on your PC; the iTune connects your phone and PC. It saves and plays your music or video, reads your data, lets you add or delete video, music, apps, and manages your device.

Activate your phone

After the two initial steps, activating your phone comes next. You need to activate the basic setup process by setting features like FaceTime, iMessage, Find My iPhone, and more. You can also choose to change the settings later if you want.

Sync the device

After Apple ID and iTunes, you need to load it with contents by connecting your iPhone into your PC. Plugin the cable, to sync your phone.

Configure iCloud

This is another way to store, sync, as well as update data between your Apple gadgets. Configuring iCloud enables you to back up your data to Apple’s servers, re-installing it over the Internet across devices.

Touch ID

The Touch ID or Fingerprint scanner is another security feature of the iPhone. Seen on the home button, it lets you to unlock iPhone 8 or other iPhones when you press your finger on the button. To add Touch ID, go to Settings > General > Touch ID & Passcode > Touch ID. You can now add your fingerprint.

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