Finer Link Purchase For Your Choices Now


By placing a link to one of your sites from time to time, the strategy can pay off. Promote your high quality content on social networks: Register your netlinking campaign as part of your content marketing strategy. As you purchase links you can find the best deals now. You can be the best there and that is the best deal here now.

You have produced high quality content that can be much shared? 

Promote it on social networks and animate comments around it to make it live. It takes time but can pay off in the long run. 

The guest blogging: technique privileged for a long time by the references, it is about producing a content “guest” for a blog whose theme is related to your activity. However, beware of specialized platforms in this type of practice, heavily penalized by Google.

If you own a site and are looking to improve its positions on search engines via SEO, you should know that SEO is in two key criteria, content and links. We will never remember it enough but still today links are very important in natural referencing. Google wants sites to work on their content because it believes that good content naturally attracts links. In this scheme, effectively only the best sites with the best content should be on the front page of the engines. Only today it is not (yet) the case. Today the best content without a little “boost” are invisible on Google. 

So how do you get those precious links?

Why link buying is important for its SEO strategy?

We are not going to lie to each other, it is very complicated to do SEO by perfectly respecting the instructions of Google while respecting budgetary constraints. The biggest brands manage to perform in terms of SEO because their communication is not just based on SEO.

    • They invest heavily in content creation: articles, blogs, videos, etc. Indeed it allows them to improve their brand image and therefore also work on their SEO. They get links thanks to their communication and their notoriety paid with price of gold. Influencers, press releases, press relations, etc.


  • Google prohibits the purchase of links, yet everyone buys or almost. 


Links in existing articles

It’s usually cheaper, to do on very big sites. Links to homepage, there must be paid every month, it has not great interest for me, it is better to privilege the sponsored articles. For those who have a good budget and do not want to take the lead, the service offers to manage your campaigns from A to Z. You give them a brief, a budget and they manage everything, choice of sites, writing articles and publication. The solutions are there. So you can have the perfect result now.


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