Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Develops Green Technology for Residential Use

The adoption of hydrogen as an energy source is currently low, however governments across the globe see its potential and are investing in its future. Hydrogen can become the solution to the growing demand for cleaner energy in the world. The cost of renewable hydrogen is expected to drop by half by 2025 in the US and Europe while the residential prices for electricity are expected to increase by over 16% in the US in the next 10 years.

The demand for clean energy is rising across the world and is a growing concern especially in Europe. Since 1975 the demand for hydrogen has tripled and the trend continues to this day. Analysts estimate that a quarter of the world’s energy usage will be supplied by hydrogen in 2050.

To fill the demand of the consumers for renewable energy storage technologies, a company called Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is developing hydrogen fuel cells that can be used instead of a connection to the electrical grid or can be used with one to offset peak hour costs and provide backup power. The design of Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is specifically tailored for residential purposes. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is currently in the process of prototyping their 4kW system and aim to have it ready for purchase by 2027.

The components used in the fuel cells that Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is developing are made from more easily accessible materials, which makes them perfect for residential buyers. The innovative design using materials like graphite and nickel makes them different from the other developers in the field. The low-cost components also make a high volume of production possible.

Hydrogen is one of the best ways to store renewable energy; it can be extracted from water and produces no harmful emissions when used in a fuel cell. There is no combustion used in hydrogen fuel cells, making them silent and free of vibration. This makes the hydrogen fuel cells of Alkaline Fuel Cell Power a great solution for the growing demand for a cleaner and greener energy source in the consumer market.

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