Applications Similar to Uber

Uber is a mobile application that connects drivers to the passengers. It can be used to hire a cab service for pick and drop or travel service.

People can book a ride through the uber app, without having to call the driver, or waiting for it outside if the weather is bad, and process their ride .

However, in several countries there are several Apps like Uber which had similar or broad services than uber, which people can avail to book rides and travel to their destination points as well , such as :

  • Lyft

It is an American ridesharing application that provides car rental, hiring of vehicles and motor scooters, and bicycle sharing , to provide to the passengers .

They had also made referral scheme to allow new users free ride.

Lyft Inc is a company that operates and run a mobile application to provide ridesharing, renting of cabs and motor vehicles to passengers. It is available on android and Ios as well.

  • Flywheel

Flywheel is a mobile application designed by software engineers from California for booking taxi rides for passengers from professional drivers.

The company believes in creating service to community than simply profit making . It had achieved several awards including Hall of Shame by Uber.

  • Curb

It is a car rental service that provides taxi booking and renting black cars. It was started by Kadek Ananta Tur and is listed often as among top 50 apps on the ITunes. It had achieved many awards as well by several magazines such as USA Today.

  • Gojek

Gojek is an Indonesian courier-delivery and two wheeler vehicle ride booking service that operates in several Southeast Asian countries. It was first a call centre which linked the customers to the services, now operates as a service provider.

These are the several Apps like Uber people can avail to book their rides, and make easier their travel and transport too.

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