4 Ways To Fix Smart Life Google Home Not Working

After scouring the boards and forums, we discovered that quite a few of you were having issues with your Google Home and Smart Life. Which is a smart residential solution. It appears that all sorts of issues can arise while using Smart Life via Google Home.

Though not unattainable, this can be difficult to resolve. That’s why we wanted to compile as many troubleshooting methods as we could to assist folks in finding workarounds if your smart life google home is not working.

  • Try reconnecting your account.

The most prevalent cause of this issue is also the simplest to identify. So, let’s begin by attempting to just re-link your account. Re-linking your account is among the first steps you can take to resolve the problem. To begin, navigate to the options menu on your Google Home. And now things get a little more complicated. We’ll diagram it for you below.

The first option you should select is working with Google. Then there’s Linked Services. You should be able to access Smart Life from here. If you have the last menu, there’ll be a

“re-link account” option. Once this is completed, there is a strong probability that the accounts will operate together again. Otherwise, it is appropriate to go to the following stage.

  • Confirm that the devices are linked to the same network.

Though this isn’t required for the two devices to interact, we’ve discovered that it can help. It is usually preferable to have both gadgets linked to the same Wi-Fi network if possible.

Though it is feasible to get them all to interact from separate networks, this could just be the push they need.

  • Determine whether the problem is limited to Google Home.

Several of you can have resolved the problem by now. However, there does not appear to be a “one-size-fits-all” solution to this peculiar dilemma. When there is, we haven’t discovered it yet. We recommend that you completely disconnect the Smart Life and Google Home at this point.

Try using simply the Smart Life app to control your smart lights. If your lights are behaving this way, the problem is with your Google Home rather than Smart Life. Of course, there will be lots of different troubleshooting tips for that specific problem elsewhere on the internet.

If you’re still having trouble, we recommend trying the steps below. It’s a bit lengthy, but we’ll do our best to walk you through it.

To begin, remove the device that isn’t working from the Smart Life app. Then, right away, re-add it.

After that, remove Smart Life from whichever gadget you were using. Now, in Google Home, unlink Smart Life (as described above), and then re-add it. You will need to use your password to access it again, so keep them handy.

Finally, reinstall the Smart Life app on your device.

To be sure, all of this will take some time. However, by uninstalling and reinstalling the software, you give it the greatest chance possible to clean out any faults that were creating this issue.

  • Speak with customer service.

Sadly, those are the only accessible troubleshooting tips for this specific issue that we could find. We will strive to keep this updated as new patches are released to avoid future headaches.

For the time being, your greatest chance of resolving the issue is to contact customer service. While speaking with them, be sure to describe the numerous steps you’ve made to resolve the issue. This will allow them to even get to the bottom of the problem much faster. Customer care service can also help you resolve underground lighting fixtures.

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