Use Facebook Ads Using Testimonials That Emphasize Social Proof

The easiest way to build trust when running Facebook ads is to use social proof. This helps establish that you are to be trusted because others share their positive reviews about their time doing business with you. Customer reviews are great and you can find them in B2B, B2C,and even D2C businesses. It is a cheap and sure fire way to validate the integrity of your business as it provides an external source of validation and keeps your customers at ease. Here is how you can use this ad method:

Build Custom Audience

The first step is to build your custom audience. It is important that you select the right audience as this is where the process begins. Ensure that the conditions you have set are for individuals who are new to your business and are finding it difficult comminiting. These could be people who have visited your site within 90 days only once. 

Choose Objective and Targeting

What do you aim to achieve with the campaign? What you want to achieve will drive the scope of your message and the campaign in general. You must decide what is currently important to your business and run with it. If you want more traffic or more sales decide and craft a campaign that will get you just that. 

Compose Ad Copy

Your ad copy will contain testimonials from your previous users and similar or complementary offers that your new audience can take advantage of. The copy should be relevant to the audience otherwise they will not take the action you hope they should. Use the right language relevant to your audience and ensure that there is a clear message. 

Use a CTA

All your effort will be wasted without a relevant CTA (call to action). Everything you have been doing is to set the stage for your audience to take an action. Without a call to action, you may be unable to convert leading to wasted efforts. Check inserzioni facebook for more details.


Getting new customers can be tough and you may find yourself trying many things that do not work.  Social proof is a way to fast track this process by proving you are a business first time buyers can trust. It eliminates a lot of friction from the first purchase and works almost like word of mouth marketing. Using this ad technique is sure to convert. 

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