A Detailed Guide about Different Currencies and Features: Nova Legacy

Youngsters are fond of fighting games, and if you are one of them, then you can pick The Nova Legacy. The game is based on gun shooting actions, and it is created by Gameloft for Android mobile devices, and you can get it by Google store or official game website. It is free to play, but for getting additional things, we need to pay money. In the gameplay, we will experience FPS mode, and it is an amazing way to attack the various rivals. The game is open to millions of worldwide players, and you should be wise enough to reach on the higher levels. The game consists of lots of levels, and each one is difficult to become a winner. On regular time some new upgrades are placed on the arsenal, and we can add them more guns or gadgets to enhance our shooting skills.

Kinds of currency 

Every game has some unique currency that measures our success, and it is also useable to buy many new things. In which you will see two different currencies like coins and Trilithium. Both are effective in achieving more things and many players prefer to hack it with The Nova Legacy Hack tool. This tool is genuine and does not take much time to add the currency.


Coins are the prime currency for every active player, and they are also named gold. The players should earn a big amount of coins to unlock many things like some power packs, guns, outfits, and more. Earning coins in the gameplay is taking some time, so you need to wait for it. There are lots of free ways to earn, so click for it.


Trilithium is a combination of some kinds of gems, and such have different colors. The currency allows us to buy several powerful gadgets and guns to score high in the missions. The player can lead to the game by earning a high amount of Trilithium.

The gameplay has lots of stunning features to play well, and in the below part of this article, some of the specifications are listed.

HD visual graphics 

HD graphics of the game are enough to attract more new users, and you will see a perfect detailing of each object. The color combination of each thing is ultimate, and some flash effects are giving us realistic them. You can get a console experience in the mobile device, and for more fun, we need to add some new updates to the game.

Connect with friends 

The game is supportive of multiplayer mode, and it gives us a chance to connect with friends. Take some help with friends and share your score with them. Complete your team for going forward in the missions and most of the users are going to sign up with a Facebook account.  

A short amount of coins spoils all your efforts, so we must earn a high amount. Click on some smart tools like the Nova Legacy Hack, and it is simple to apply.

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